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Charismatic, spirited, electric and more than evenly matched, these two have captivated and entertained us for eight years now. The Big Bang Theory's gruesome twosome, the ultimate comic duo on the show and for some, even sexy.

The Pancake Batter Anomaly

Penny gets a lesson in Sheldon home-care, when he recruits her to take care of him when he falls ill.


The Barbarian Sublimation

Sheldon introduces Penny to gaming and she enters another world which almost consumes her.


The Panty Piñata Polarization

Sheldon and Penny go-head-to head in this tantalizing tussle.


The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis 

Sheldon schemes to equal Penny at gift-buying but  she floors him when her gift is worth more than money.


The Financial Permeability 

Sheldon lends Penny money when she can not pay her rent, and she spirals into paranoia about its return.


The Terminator Decoupling 

Sheldon forgets his flash drive on the way to a symposium and is forced to call Penny for help.


The Work Song Nanocluster 

Sheldon offers to help Penny start her own business making hair accessories.


All hail Penny's little red Tornado Cabriolet. Gone but not forgotten.

The allegorical potential inherent in the interaction and alliance of polar opposites.

The undeniable chemistry between Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco fuels the tangy and offbeat friendship of their onscreen counterparts.

The Vegas Renormalization 

When the guys go to Vegas, Sheldon locks himself out and has to sleep over at Penny's.


The Adhesive Duck Deficiency 

Sheldon hears Penny's cries and goes to her aid, only to find her in the bath with a dislocated shoulder.


The Spaghetti Catalyst 

After Leonard and Penny split up, Sheldon goes to extraordinary lengths to keep a dinner date with her.


The Thespian Catalyst 

When he fails to impress his students, Sheldon enlists Penny to teach him
'a little acting'.


The Infestation Hypothesis 

Penny's new chair drives Sheldon to hysteria over hygiene when he discovers it's second hand.


The Hofstadter  Insufficiency 

Sheldon and Penny spend time together while Leonard is away at sea, cementing their friendship.


The Scavenger Vortex 

Penny choses Sheldon for Raj's scavenger hunt when Leonard doesn't want her as his team mate.


There are many more we would like to add to the list, if your favourite isn't here leave us a comment.

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