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The Adhesive Duck Deficiency

Season 3 / Episode 8



A chivalric code of sorts is implemented when Sheldon "Robot Man" Cooper is abruptly summoned out of his comfortable fortress in order to rescue a "damsel in distress." With Leonard, Howard and Raj off to the desert to view the Leonid meteor shower, Sheldon is entrusted the fearful task of driving Penny, who's fallen in the shower and dislocated her shoulder, to the hospital, but first must confront a bewildering labyrinth of lingerie in search for suitable garments for his shower curtain-enrobed neighbor.


One inadvertent grope later, Sir Whines-a-Lot bravely faces the spectre of fiery death as he and Penny set out on their journey in her car and is forced to slay the terrors of missing and misaligned mirrors, check engine lights and ominous snorts coming from the motor. During a quiet interlude at a traffic stop Sheldon inquires about a tattoo on his neighbor's right buttock, thus revealing to the somewhat incredulous Penny that he's seen her naked. Because "the hero always peeks," he asserts.


Having successfully reached their destination, a scared and pain-ridden Penny implores her clipboard-wielding knight, with his embarrassingly assiduous attention to her medical history, to "take a break from being you...and try being...comforting," a request which Sheldon obliges with an almost psychotically rendered pantomime of caring that's nonetheless sincerely intended to ease her suffering.


Back at her apartment Sheldon is coaxed by a highly medicated and giggling Penny to "put me to bed," a sly innuendo that he snidely riposts with ere she recites a paean to his noble and caring character. The stalwart Sheldon is even entreated by a pouty Penny to sit beside her and sing Soft Kitty, as a round no less, something which is clearly outside his realm, but which is an oddly fitting coda to a day of hero-questing.



By Check E. Light

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