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Fan art by Gwendy85

The Symposium Equation
by TempestJo

Sheldon gets two tickets to a coveted event, but must bring a female...

by CMW2

For every action, there are consequences to be faced. After the Arctic implodes the group, everyone has to pick up the pieces and move on. Penny will make this easier for Sheldon. Not Leonard Friendly.

The Paladin Protocol 
by SpaceAnJL

Every journey has to start somewhere.
This one began when Penny found an alternative to paintball, and Sheldon
dusted off an old skill.

Apocalypse Week
by Eternal Contradiction

Sheldon Cooper is crazy, but also kind of made of awesomeness. Or at least that's how Howard puts it. Penny thinks there's a possibility he's made of sexy, and really, the world must be ending if she has to suppress wayward urges to kiss him.

Sheldon's Girlfriend

by Trbl

Sequel to 'Sheldon's Plan'.

The Bellagio Peregrination
by FlippySpoon

Sheldon reluctantly takes Penny along to a conference in Las Vegas. Epiphanies are had, stars are gazed, cards are counted, shenanigans are shenaniganed.

The News Article Significance
by SRWriting34

Penny knows what she wants in life.
At least, she used to. Howard and Bernadette's wedding sets off a series of events which will change her life forever. Plans change and Penny will have to learn the hard way how to adapt.

The Cooper Libido Experiment
by gwendy

There are times when the thing you love the most will cause your downfall. In the case of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, that would be Science... Sheldon/Penny, with secondary characters Leslie Winkle and Ramona Nowitzki (M).

by MrsVincentCrabbe

Leonard never believed in evolution as a scientific fact. That was, not until he saw it happen before his eyes. Shenny
(Leonard POV).

Upside Down
by TempestJo

It all starts when Sheldon has a bad
week and Penny resets the balance unexpectedly (M).

NO. 11

Wednesday Routine
by Eternal Contradiction

"Come to bed, Kitten," he demanded in a sleepy voice (M)

NO. 12

The Girlfriend Agreement
by partbritishtowhead

Their first kiss is accidental. Their second is experimental. Their third? Well, I'll let you figure that one out for yourself. Leonard moves back to NJ, and Penny copes with his absence by moving in with Sheldon.

NO. 13

The Snowflake Seduction
by JorjaLupin

What if Leonard isn't the one to give Penny the preserved snowflake? What if it's someone else she never expected it from? (M).

NO. 14

Change of Address

by TempestJo
When Sheldon moves out, life changes.


NO. 15


Penny decides to go back to school and in the process of improving herself academically, she finds her self falling for her crazy neighbor.


NO. 16

Through The Looking Glass, Darkly

by SpaceAnJL
Sheldon subscribes to the many worlds theory, which posits the existence of an infinite number of Sheldon's, in an infinite number of universes. He just never expected to meet one of them (AU).

NO. 17

The Libido Revelation

by The Frisky Firelily
Whilst sneaking into the boys apartment one night Penny makes an interesting discovery (M).

This fic is only available in our private forum.

NO. 18

The Naked Truth Reciprocation

by Chezzles.ze.Great

After a few weeks trying to reconcile with the fact Sheldon has seen her completely naked, she confronts him with an ultimatum: bare it all or live with the consequences. Unexpectedly, her demands cause something entirely different to surface.


NO. 19

The Inescapable Attachment Hypothesis

by Syrus
A story showing how even the most hardheaded of people can change when given a good enough reason. Change is never fine, they say it is, but it's not. - Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

NO. 20

The Family Reunion Probability Theorem

by Misophonia
When Sheldon invites Amy to accompany him to his annual family reunion, she sees it as a major step in the evolution of their romance. But, as the weekend winds down, so do her hopes Sheldon will ever be able to hold up his end of a physical relationship. Will her support during an unexpected tragedy prove to be the catalyst needed to draw her mysophobic boyfriend out of his shell? (CANON).

NO. 21

The Captain Morgan Culmination by EvenAngelsFall22

It doesn't bother her that she's slept with thirty one men, it bothers her that Sheldon thinks she has. (M).


NO. 22


by Callmejude

Sheldon proves he's human, and Leonard is thankful. (Sheldon/Leonard) (SHELNARD).


NO. 23

Beyond The Friendship Paradigm by

After a bad break up, Penny turns to a friend for comfort. Is there something beyond their friendship paradigm? (M).


NO. 24

The Vestigial Organ Recall

by kmd5133

Sheldon gets sick. The guys bail on him, so it's Penny to the rescue.


NO. 25

The Physicist Divergence Anomaly by

Sheldon asks Penny out on a date and instead of declining, she accepts.


NO. 26

The La Mancha Stratagem


Sheldon Cooper chose to follow Don Quixote's plan for his life, including only loving pure and chaste from afar. That is, until a beautiful blonde woman moved in across the hall and changed everything. Including his life.

NO. 27

The Arrangement

by Risknight

"I would be greatly appreciative if you would consent to becoming my spouse." Sheldon makes Penny an offer she can't refuse.


NO. 28

The Dactylic Hexameter

by PrincessButtercup83

Sheldon and Penny are friends. Right?


NO. 29

Daily Occurrences

by JLynnB

Sheldon's turning thirty. To Penny's shock, that's the age of a mid-life crisis for a theoretical physicist. She'll help Sheldon face himself and his biggest nemesis - Kripke and his widdicule.


NO. 30

Rewriting History

by Risknight

Someone (I cannot remember who) asked me once what I thought Penny would be like as a mom. As any mom can tell you, it completely changes your world around. So, welcome to a 'verse where Penny has a daughter, and Sheldon doesn't have a chance. (Parallel Universe).

NO. 31

Lessons From the Masters

by Wolf Maid

It takes her a while to realize she's being wooed.


NO. 32

Sleeping Pill

by InsaneAndHappyAboutIt

Sheldon is feeling sexually frustrated and he, being a robot, has no idea how to deal with the situation. Naturally he doesn't behave as a normal person should. (Sheldon/Leonard) (SHELNARD) (M)


NO. 33

The Damnable Affair

by SlytherinPride2292

Sheldon continues his day-to-day schedule without disruption. That is, until a Batman-loving, intelligent surgeon captures his mind and body, and even manages to disrupt his daily routine without him even knowing. Can someone make Sheldon Cooper fall for his 'baser urges? Past negates it, but Future says otherwise. (Sheldon/OC) (M)

NO. 34

The Intimacy Inspiration Initiative

by danakate

Sheldon gets stuck again and the solution leads to some surprising events.


NO. 35

The Caper Continuum

by  Eternal Contradiction

Sequel to Prank Wars. "I've got a proposal to make. I think we should continue this prank war, only instead of targeting each other, we should target other people. Like, say, Leonard, Howard, Raj & Wheaton?

NO. 36

The Friendship Reestablishment

by LizzeXX

When Sheldon's childhood best friend gets a position at Caltech, the boys and Penny are in for quite a shock when confronted with the bubbly redhead. Even more of a shock is Sheldon's reaction to her. Will Sheldon realize that he's starting to see her in a different light? Or will Penny be the only one to read between the lines?  (Sheldon/OC).


NO. 37

The Reverse Crush Conundrum

by Lizwontcry

Everyone was so focused on Leonard's crush on Penny that her all-consuming crush on Sheldon goes unnoticed. When Sheldon finds out about her feelings, they go on an emotional and physical journey neither of them saw coming.


NO. 38

The Threat of Change

by NightlyBlueDemons

The arrival of Sheldon's brother George forces him to realize that maybe he's not as immune to the female sex as he had thought. Could Mrs. Cooper's dreams finally be coming true?39. The Sleeping Circumstance by Daydreaming-with-inkAn account of the many times Penny and Sheldon have slept together, in all sorts of lovely ways. (M)


NO. 39

The Sleeping Circumstance

by Daydreaming-with-ink

An account of the many times Penny and Sheldon have slept together, in all sorts of lovely ways. (M)


NO. 40

The Osculation Definition

by Philyra912

Sheldon gets kissed. Things evolve from there.


NO. 41

The Browncoat Revelation

by Ultrawoman

Sheldon had no idea that Penny shares one of his greatest passions, and when he finds out, it leads to a closeness neither could have imagined possible!


NO. 42


by Risknight

Two weeks after the disastrous Arctic trip, Sheldon discovers a true friend. I hadn't intended to expand on this story, but my hubby gave me a good idea and I just couldn't ignore it.


NO. 43

The Battered Physicist Anomaly

by Axelrocks

Penny comes home to find Sheldon slumped by his door; face black and blue. She doesn't know what happened to him, but she will find out. Until then she's going to take care of him, all the while trying not to fall deeper in love. This should be easy, right?


NO. 44

By Any Other Name

by JLynnB Soft Kitty

In 'The Habitation Configuration' Sheldon told Penny that it took Leonard to make him like her. So what would happen if Leonard didn't move into apartment 4A before the Pilot episode? (Parallel Universe)


NO. 45

Prank Wars

by Eternal Contradiction

It started with something Penny hadn't intended to be a prank and then escalated into so much more. With the tension between Sheldon and Penny, one of them has to break first.



NO. 46

The Ozian Declaration

by PrincessButtercup83

Penny had wanted to be in the movies. How is it possible that her leading man turns out to be this guy?


NO. 47

The Pon Farr Clause

by SteelAgainstIvory

Unfortunately, Sheldon is no stranger to the evil animal instinct of arousal. So, through Leonard's own fault really , he has to help Sheldon overcome his baser desires. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)


NO. 48

The Copper and Cobalt Polarization

by silvergryphon06

Dr. Copper McIntyre is an old friend of Penny's and the new neighbor just one floor down. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that she and Dr. Cooper are going to have quite the reaction once they meet. (Sheldon/OC) (M)

NO. 49

Pandora's Box

by Lizwontcry

After he asks her for advice on how to take his relationship with Amy to the next level, Sheldon and Penny are drawn to each other. How far will they take their attraction, and how much will it cost them? (M)


NO. 50

The Reverse Pygmalion Paradox

by Bartimus Crotchety

Penny wakes up after a lost night of drinking with a surprise visitor with her in her bed. What really happened? Only one person knows, and he's got an eye twitch.


NO. 51

The Relationship Complexities

by MissLaurenV

When blossoming Amy Farrah Fowler starts to become more comfortable with herself and the complex world around her, will Sheldon Cooper be able to hold on? Set in current season, featuring S/A, L/P and H/B pairings. (Shamy) (M)



NO. 52

A Brand New World

by Risknight

Penny can no longer take the anger, pain and unhappiness that is her life. So, she makes some big changes, starting with her circle of friends. Not Amy or Leonard friendly


NO. 53

Sheldon's Sick

by Trbl

If only Penny had remembered what "Code Milky-Green" meant.


NO. 54

Sheldon, Junior

by Trbl

Hanabi's 'Sheldon Wants A Baby' Challenge. I saw this and was instantly inspired. Just a silly little one-shot.


NO. 55


by NoShoesNoShirtNoSheldon

Sequel to The Seduction Experiment: Upon realizing that Raj and Howard aren't just friends anymore, a curious Sheldon proposes to Leonard an experiment to find out if there is a difference between kissing a girl and kissing a guy. (Sheldon/Leonard) (Howard/Raj)

NO. 56

The Touch Paradigm Phenomenon

by Jack Solo Black

Sheldon has a problem and he wants Leonards help... (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)


NO. 57

The Alpha Dominance Principle

by O.E.M

Sheldon Cooper believes in a multiple dimension and multiple universe theorem. That one change can alert everything. This is the story about what would happen if the books of Mr. Sade and Mr. Sacher-Masoch were accepted. (M) (Alternate Dimension)


NO. 58

The Great ComicCon Caper

by Trbl

Sequel to "The Superior Colliculus Engagement". Penny, Sheldon, and the gang go to Comic-Con. But, of course, things are never that simple.



NO. 59

The Whiteboard Correction

by JustMyLuckiness

When Sheldon's Vulcan hearing detects the Beta Test conversation, he decides to intervene in an unexpected manner. After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Will his efforts be successful? Not Leonard friendly.


NO. 60

Another Hesitation Ramification

by Daedaleopsis

Sheldon has always said that Penny and Leonard's relationship was a mistake. How will he react when he learns that Leonard couldn't accept Penny's proposal?


NO. 61

The Plan

by TempestJo

Sheldon finds the secret to attracting Beautiful women and decides to try it out on the most beautiful woman he knows, the one he's had a secret crush on ever since she moved in across the hall.


NO. 62

The Grad Student

by Trbl

Penny can't just leave Sheldon to fend for himself when a Grad Student gets fresh.


NO. 63

The Potted Orchid Proposition

by R.J. Anderson

Sheldon has a plan, but Penny's not sure she can go along with it. How far will Sheldon go to convince her?

NO. 64

Eligible Bachelor for the Holidays

by MyOwnStar

The guys participate in a Holiday Fundraiser Bachelor Auction for the university and Sheldon is less than interested. What happens when he's actually got a winning bidder?


NO. 65

The Arctic Revisited

by SweetTale4u

Sheldon is advised by the University that his findings from his expedition require further field study. No one wants to go with him. Penny is back in school and Sheldon proposes she accompany him for college credit. Little does she know what awaits them. (M)


NO. 66

The Amphetamine Phenylethylamine Effect

by wonderwoundedhearers

Penny makes it easy for Sheldon to become 'one of the idiots' in ten simple stages…


NO. 67

The Homo Novus Experimentation

by danakate

Penny tries to utilize the scientific method to try to seduce Sheldon for a bet. In the end, they both learn a lot about each other and themselves and the outcome is surprising for all.


NO. 68

The Wheaton Challenge

by Kit-cat99

It's well known that Sheldon Cooper is far from a lady's man. But he just might have to try when Will Wheaton challenges him and his friends push him. Think of it as an experiment. One that's about to go horribly wrong. (Sheldon/OC)

NO. 69

Changes: Scenes from My Life with Sheldon Cooper

by julesmonster

This is the story of Sheldon and Leonard, from their first date until they have reached the ripe old age of 68. Each chapter deals with a major event in their life together (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)


NO. 70

Assets Ogling

by Eternal Contradiction

Otherwise known as 5 Times Sheldon Checked Out Penny Before She Finally Did Something About It.


NO. 71

Whatever Works

by Concupiscence66

A visit from Leonard's mom takes an unexpected turn and the effects are far-reaching (Sheldon/Leonard)


NO. 72

Tea and Sympathy

by Concupiscence66

Sheldon cheers Leonard up (Sheldon/Leonard)


NO. 73

Season 5

by Trisha Uchiha

What if Penny never slept with Raj but with a certain blue-eyed Physicist? This is what season 5 would be like, at least in my shipper mind


NO. 74

The Telepathic Transference Complication

by Alex Conrad

A lab accident leaves Sheldon with the ability to read minds. Is this a gift or a curse? (Parallel Universe)

NO. 75

The Love Conundrum

by Blue Sky Thinking

Victoria Moore is an accomplished astrophysicist, and has just moved in with Penny, obviously catching the attention of the boys... Especially, to everyone's shock including his own, Sheldon (Sheldon/OC) (M)


NO. 76

The Apocalypse Realization

by MarieofIlledra

In a casual conversation about the zombie apocalypse, Leonard realizes something about the relationship between his ex and his roommate.


NO. 77

A Whole Lot Of Woo

by Risknight

Short stories set in alternate universes about how Sheldon and Penny come together. (Collection)


NO. 78

The Relocation Reasonings

by Fayth3

Penny wonders if she should move back home. Sheldon has other ideas.


NO. 79

The Callipygian Exposition

by SpaceAnJL

This is Jim Parsons' fault for suggesting that Sheldon get ripped.80. Proving It by TempestJoPenny and Sheldon, after the date with Amy. Shenny (M)



Proving It

by TempestJo

Penny and Sheldon, after the date with Amy. Shenny (M)


NO. 81

Out of It

by TempestJo

Sheldon is Penny's responsible friend while she recovers from anesthesia, with interesting results!


NO. 82

Under Sheldon's Hood

by SmuttyShipper

The boys debate whether size matters, and when Sheldon ridicules their pre-occupation, they decide that he's not packin' much. (M)


NO. 83

Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

by Talitha Koum

Based on the movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Penny moves in to 4A and comes to find that the previous tenant has yet to leave. (Supernatural)


NO. 84

The Saturnalia Preposition

by Trisha Uchiha

Sheldon is upset that Howard, Raj and Leonard are going back home for the holidays. He's even more startled that Penny is leaving as well and decides to accompany her in order to avoid isolation.


NO. 85

The Relationship Evolution

by Musickat18

A story about the natural evolution of love. (Shamy).


NO. 86

The Arctic Expedition Consequence

by starfish001

Sheldon gets his revenge on Leonard. Set during 3.1 The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation with refs to Bath Item Gift Hypothesis (M)


NO. 87

Home to Texas

by Reparata

Sheldon leaves Pasadena and his career and returns home, broken and betrayed. The people in his life unwillingly come to his rescue. He has found a life for himself that is satisfying. Will he want to go back?


NO. 88

The Last of Us

by SimplyKorra

People always ask her why she stays. She responds simply and with a smile. "Because I love him."


NO. 89

The Bleach Accident

by TempestJo

Penny borrows Sheldon's bleach, then spills it… (M)


NO. 90

Voided Agreements

by Risknight

Penny and Sheldon are no longer friends. So who will help him when his world suddenly falls apart? WARNING: Attempted Rape (M) Not Amy friendly.




NO. 91

The Aesop Continuum

by kmd5133

Sequel to The Vestigial Organ Recall. What happens when Sheldon returns home after his emergency appendectomy.


NO. 92

Sex: The Final Frontier

by freudian fuckup

Sheldon takes the leap from theory to practice. (M)


NO. 93

The Multiple Hypotheses Theorem

by thebluemartian

Post The Flaming Spittoon. The gang head to Las Vegas for a conference where Sheldon is presenting monumental findings. Soon there are changes in Sheldon and Amy's new relationship and a lot changes in the whole group.


NO. 94


by Demon In The Box

Sheldon is injured and Penny runs to his side… Abandoned, but with note on how they would have ended it.


NO. 95

The Parallel Universe Prospect

by AliceAtHeart

What if Penny was born a genius and Sheldon wanted to be an actor? What if they completely switched places... (AU)


NO. 96

The Supersymmetry Revelation

by Tuesday Pajamas

When something unexpected happens between Sheldon and Penny, his lack of reaction has her deeply puzzled. Soon she discovers how true love and true physics converge and her life is changed forever.


NO. 97

Sheldon's Plan

by Trbl

Sequel to 'Sheldon's List' by the same author.


NO. 98

Disarray of Panties

by Bella-Jade83

Penny adds a new routine to Sheldon's laundry night. (M)


NO. 99

The BreakUp

by Concupiscence66

Leonard and Sheldon aren't a couple, they're just roommates, so they can't break up. Only Leonard is stupid enough to buy that one (Sheldon/Leonard)


NO. 100

Sheldon's List

by Trbl

Follow up to 'Sheldon's sick'. Easing into the Shenny.

Statistics collated from the database as of September 21, 2015 of all Big Bang Theory fan fictions marked as complete under 'The Big Bang Theory' category.

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