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Sheldon and Penny fics make up the largest collection of any Big Bang Theory match.  This collection brings together all non-canon BB fics and categorizes them, so you can find the type of stories you're looking for.

Tirelessly collated and categorized by

Special thanks for the use of her fan art deviantart



1   The Silly Stocking Supposition by TriplePirouette
The Descending Spiral Derivation by TriplePirouette
The Comfort Conundrum by Jade24

Convention by Risknight
Revelation in Shadows by Lady Lioness

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Platonic stories between Sheldon and Penny

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Fluff, prank wars and angst

The Intimacy Inspiration Initiative by danakate

2   Lessons From the Masters by Wolf Maid
The Threat of Change by NightlyBlueDemons
Sheldon, Junior by Trbl
The Potted Orchid Proposition by R.J. Anderson

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Top 5


Other worlds, times & dimensions

The Pon Farr Hypothesis by Zenkindoflove

2   Through The Looking Glass, Darkly by SpaceAnJL

Rewriting History by Risknight

By Any Other Name by JLynnB

The Alpha Dominance Principle by O.E.M

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1   The Paladin Protocol by SpaceAnJL
The News Article Significance by SRWriting34
Apocalypse Week by Eternal Contradiction
The Bellagio Peregrination by FlippySpoon
Sheldon's Girlfriend by Trbl (Sheldon's Sick Series)

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Romantic outcomes between Sheldon and Penny

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1   Bundle of joy by Risknight

The New Relationship Exploration by the-fairy-godmother

Only Once by Reparata

Revelations by Risknight
Babysitting by thisisonlineright

Long-term relationships stories

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Shenny inspired episode tags

Top 5


Episode Fixes

What They Wanted by Axelrocks

New Years by TempestJo
The Electric Can Opener Emotional Fluctuation by gwendy
Getting My Woman In Line by Alyce Gates

Friends with Benefits by Cyranothe2nd

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1   Upside Down by TempestJo
Wednesday Routine by Eternal Contradiction
The Captain Morgan Culmination by EvenAngelsFall22
The Arctic Expedition Consequence by starfish001
Proving It by TempestJo

Sex, sex and more sex

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The Decoupling Activation by patricia51 (Leonard/Alex)

Communication by Concupiscence66 (Penny/Raj)
The Expectations Instability by  Bialy (Howard/Penny)
Wing Man by MrsVincentCrabbe (Penny/Howard)
The Cooper Winkle Vendetta by twowritehands (Sheldon/Leslie)

Other non-canon pairings


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1   Boyfriend by Callmejude (Sheldon/Leonard)
Sleeping Pill by InsaneAndHappyAboutIt (Sheldon/Leonard)

Experiment by NoShoesNoShirtNoSheldon




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The Yente Complex by afullmargin (Howard/Raj)

The Rat Catcher Contention by Concupiscence66
The Seduction Experiment by NoShoesNoShirtNoSheldon

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1   Karma by CMW2
Restoration by Risknight
A Brand New World by Risknight
The Whiteboard Correction by JustMyLuckiness
Another Hesitation Ramification by Daedaleopsis

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Shenny revenge fics

Top 5


Love triangles and Ménage à trois

Torn Between Two Lovers by Reparata

Three by tx-fictionqueen
Curiosity by FancyStrawberry

The Scientific Method by DansantFlamber
The Triangle Combination by patricia51

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Crack and Crossover fics

Top 5


Collections, crossover and non-relationship fics

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here >>

The Flashback Effect by GoldStarGrl
Scars by WinterGarden
The Baby Whisperer Allegory by degrassichick
The Android Investigation by Lady Lioness
Overqualified by Miss.Sly

POV Shenny fics, childhood and character studies

Top 5


Family, Original 5 & Character studies


Romantic fics with Sheldon and original non-Big Bang character

Top 5


​1  The Friendship Reestablishment by LizzeXX

The Damnable Affair by SlytherinPride2292

3  The Copper and Cobalt Polarization by silvergryphon06
The Wheaton Challenge by Kit-cat99
Collide, or, The CooperBallard Convergence by Femme Bo

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Top 5


Shenny Collection, POV’s and dribbles

Stort stories, one-shots and collections

View the complete Shenny Collection, PoV's and Drabbles
here >>

This collection will be regularly updated. Please check back for new stories. We will also be expanding our fan fiction catalog to other websites and blogs over the coming months.

To all those Shenny writers who have removed their stories due to disillusion over the show and/or harassment. We know many more hundreds of fics should be on this list.

To contact us about this collection please mail here

* Nine years into the show, there are still a third more fan fictions about Sheldon and Penny (Shenny), than the next most popular combination. Statistics collated from the database as of April 2018 of all Big Bang Theory fan fictions marked as complete under 'The Big Bang Theory' category.

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