The Financial Permeability

Season 2 / Episode 14



Penny gets a lesson in Sheldonomics after a deficit renders her a "fugitive from the 2311 North Los Robles Corporation" reduced to eating Cheesecake Factory leftovers in the dark. Fortunately for her, affordable adamantium technology a la Wolverine isn't available yet, enabling a cash-flush Sheldon to secure a snake-can loan, NSA. No Strings Attached.


Enter Frodo!Leonard and three wary Hobbits. One real life quest later to Mount Kurt, Penny's pantsing-inclined ex- who owes her money, the "fearsome giant" unexpectedly settles his debt and Penny is able to repay Sheldon, linear-style. Alas Leonard is left scarred by indelible ink and unsung, except for Sheldon, heroics. "With a fi-fi-fiddle-dee-dee..."



By Check E. Light

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