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The Infestation Hypothesis

Season 5 / Episode 2



Sheldon becomes fixated on the health risks of unhygienic furniture and Leonard uncertainly navigates the uncharted waters of cyber-dating. While Leonard is Skyping with Priya for their dinfast date, Sheldon is sniping with Penny next door, "like an old married couple," over her refusal to satisfy his need for iced tea and snickerdoodles. His frustration is relieved though by Penny's new chair which simultaneously pleasures his lumbar, coccyx and buttocks. Sheldon's enchantment is short lived, however, once Penny explains that his new love was hauled in off the street by a homeless man. The chair worthy of the name "chair" is now the "chair of death," and a highly germ-averse Sheldon tears off a layer of clothing and runs panic-stricken from Penny's place.


Sheldon looks for help in vanquishing the Typhoid Mary of chairs, his previous entreaties as a member of the possibly fictional Centers for Disease Control Street Team and a "man with a keen sense of style" having failed. Leonard, meanwhile, having accepted relationship advice from Howard of all people, has decided to sex up his long-distance romance with naughty cyber banter, his efforts at such hindered by inadequate bandwidth as much as his fumbling ineptitude.


Acting as Sheldon's proxy, Amy attempts to persuade her "BFF" to unload the incubator of disease and bugs, but the canny Penny sees through her ruse and calls her out on it. Amy, terrified of losing her sisterhood-of-the-traveling-pants status, quickly backpedals and attempts to placate Penny by installing herself within the red death, which responds by taking a bite out of her tushie. Reunited by their terror of the mysterious creature embedded within the chair's lining, the two run screaming down all three flights of stairs, with Penny determined to keep the truth from Sheldon.



By Check E. Light

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