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The Panty Pinata Polarization

Season 2 / Episode 7



When Penny mounts an incursion of Sheldon's take-out, the casualties include more than just one onion ring. Sheldon is forced to impose sanctions on his neighbor, in the form of strikes, for having contaminated his food, for having violated the sanctity of his email inbox with lolcats, and, finally, for having invaded his spot on the couch. Penny is summarily expelled from Nerdvana, and the conflict between she and Sheldon commences.


Tensions escalate when Penny begins a campaign of psychological warfare centering around Sheldon's cheeseburger and deliberately preying on his paranoia of his food being touched. Sheldon then retaliates by enforcing a blockade on the apartment's wi-fi signal and is forced to issue further sanctions when the Penny sympathizers attempt to circumvent his directive.


The battleground then shifts to the laundry room wherein Penny has set in motion a cunning operation that will prevent Sheldon from executing his Saturday, 8:15pm maneuvers. Though badly wounded, Sheldon is nonetheless able to strike a deadly blow by confiscating Penny's considerable armory of lingerie and removing it to an inaccessible location.


It's at this point that Leonard shifts his alliance from Sheldon to Penny and hands over the intel that he assures Penny will "shorten the war...and save a million lives." One phone call later from Sheldon's commanding officer, also known as Mom, Sheldon is ordered to stand down and make reparations to Penny. As the two former combatants stand face to face at Penny's door, they negotiate a treaty, the terms of which allow Sheldon complete sovereignty over his spot, and Sheldon uncharacteristically acknowledges that Penny's campaign was "well played."



by Check E. Light

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