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Jim lands 'Brother Orange' role

Jim is set to play the lead in a new movie called ‘Brother Orange’.

Warner Bros and BuzzFeed Motion Pictures have teamed up to make the movie with Jim also producing with his partner Todd Spiewak through their ‘That's Wonderful’ Productions company.

For those unfamiliar with this unusual tale, in 2014, Matt Stopera's iPhone was stolen while he was at a New York bar in early 2014. That smartphone made its way to China, and about a year later, it ended up in the hands of a man who took pictures of himself next to an orange tree. This photos soon popped up on Stopera's photo stream, and the stories he subsequently wrote about the surreal experience went viral in China. Dubbing the man in the photos Li Hongjun, a.k.a. "Brother Orange," users from the Chinese social media site Weibo helped Stopera track the man down, and they eventually met each other in person.

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