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New Showrunner Holland, as Molaro moves over.

Big news this week as Steve Molaro steps down as showrunner on The Big Bang Theory. He will be replaced with Steve Holland who is already working on Season 11. Steve Molaro will be concentrating on writing for ‘Young Sheldon’ a show which is very different to the vision of Sheldon’s early life and which fans are already calling a ‘Recon’. Sheldon’s family were originally described as extremely poor, living in a trailer on blocks. Yet the prequel seemed to show a very cookie-cutter, middle-class suburb so it’s no surprise that Molaro is involved as he has overseen the more Family-orientated evolution of the show.

Steve Holland has been with the Big Bang Theory since Season 3 as a producer. He wrote early episodes such as The Gorilla Experiment, The Einstein Approximation and The Pants Alternative which Jim Parsons won his first Emmy for. It will be very interesting to see if there’s a change in pace or style with this new man at the helm.

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