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Sheldon spin-off on ever expanding Bang

News broke today that TBBT creators are in the process of creating a spin-off about a young Sheldon. Jim Parsons will executive produce the show based on 12 year old Sheldon but it will not feature any of the current cast. This could be the first indication that they are not renewing the current show and are looking at cheaper ways to make money from their break-out character. Although, they claim they are still very much in talks with Warner/CBS about this.

Steve Molaro has been signed up as showrunner which doesn't bode well, as he oversaw the deconstruction of Sheldon which angered many hardcore Sheldon fans during S6-10. The character miraculously and unrealistically lost major quirks and personality traits, as he was ironed out to be more mainstream acceptable. Do we really need more stories to explain Sheldon's uniqueness? The recent reveal about his Triple Knocking fell so wide of the mark as it was. Returning to the original untampered Sheldon, without making the very best seasons of the show appear out of sync with this new canon will require a lot of delicacy which they are not famed for.

Although, a show without the creeping rom-com mediocrity of Lenny, Shamy and Howardette could be the breath of fresh air these writers need. It could be a disaster or it could be a stroke of genius.

Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady will also produce the show and although nothing is on paper yet, a Pilot is imminent.

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