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Big Bang writers to appear at Comic Con '16

The Big Bang Theory panel at this years Comic Con will again be made up of the shows writers. If this is the final season (which I would like to predict that it will NOT be) then this is your last chance to see these guys in the flesh and throw some questions at them.

Sadly, it seems no cast will be attending, although they promise a special video presentation. So perhaps there will be something pre-recorded from them all. So get down to San Diego, Comic Con to ask Steve Moralo why the hell Leonard should get to marry Penny because I've never been able to work that one out. Although, if you watch the panels over the years, you will observe that the same questions are repeated, year on year.

I will be the crazy one at the back, screaming out my difficult questions and being escorted from the hall by security, in my 'Shenny FTW' tee. :D

The Big Bang Theory writers will appear on Friday, July 22 at 10am PT in Ballroom 20.

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