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Burning Bodhi (Kaley's movie)

Kaley gets her first real taste of a role outside the girl-next-door stereotype in an independent film will be shown this Sunday at the Austin Film Festival. No release date yet.

"The filmmakers were impressed with Cuoco’s ability to transform for the role, and her on-set professionalism given the tight timeline. As still shots of the movie demonstrate, Katy is not the friendly “girl next door” like her Big Bang Theory character.

“We got her for seven days. She immediately came on set ready to work. The role was something very different for her and she became Katy. It was incredible to see her transformation.”

According to IMDB, Burning Bodhi is about a group of friends who return to their hometown after they discover one of their high school friends has died."

We look forward to this with bated breath.

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