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9.05 The Perspiration Implementation -Taping

Airs Monday, October 19, 2015.

*WARNING: Spoilers*

Errol Flynn eat your heart out. In what promises to be an entertaining lark, the lads learn fencing under the dubious tutelage of Barry Kripke.

Swordfighting has long been part of the Sheldon/Penny fandom mythology, with SpaceAnJL’s The Paladin Protocol (arguably the best known TBBT fanfiction of all time, with 1540 reviews and 2775 favourites on alone) cutting a wild, LARP-ridden, sword-wielding swathe through all fanfiction contenders. It is therefore, we feel, about time that this topic was touched on, with the tip of a sword, however fleetingly.

As for the rest of the plot, Stuart enlists the help of Penny & Co. to help make his emporium more “girl-friendly”. A storyline perhaps prompted by recent articles that show that women and men read approximately the same amount of comics? Regardless, anything with the Comic Book Store is always welcome.

Elsewhere, Sheldon, in a friend-prompted attempt to move on, tries asking out a couple of dames, but is rebuffed.

It is worth pointing out, that Vintage Sheldon of Season 1-4 had no trouble attracting women. Men. Fellow humanoids in general. He charmed the lotus blossoms off Princess Panchali, had not one, but two enthusiastic grad student groupies, lured in Martha with his Green Lantern, stirred the warm feelings of Mrs. Hofstadter, snagged a debonair bloke in the cafeteria, and dare we say it, even enjoyed the attentions of Penny, before he began his “spot” spiel. So that’s seven people. SEVEN.

Sheldon of Seasons 5-9 has attracted nobody. Other than Amy. We’re not sure what this is saying.

In the meantime, whilst Sheldon is being portrayed as undesirable, Amy has been given two potential suitors; the melancholy Stuart Bloom and the mildly lewd Barry Kripke. She rebuffs both of them. A pity, as Stuart and Amy’s drollness might have worked well together. Certainly better than changing Sheldon’s character to suit hers. But we digress.

Shenny scenes? ~ No.

Verdict? ~ Kripke and Stuart are always good value, and the swordfighting malarkey looks very promising. Hopefully detailed investigation of Stuart’s new shop, a bonus.

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