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Sheldon’s highly disturbing quest for the acoustic sweet spot, and ungainly use of his newly acquired slang. S’up.

The White Asparagus

Season 2 / Episode 9



Sheldon is in a relationship. It’s not HIS relationship, it’s Leonard’s,
but that scarcely matters. Dr Barnett is the first woman Leonard’s
dated that Sheldon finds tolerable. “What about me?” Penelope
exclaims. “The statement stands for itself, Penny.” 


Stephanie Barnett; Doctor, Laugher-at-Sheldon’s-jokes, all round charming and savvy individual, she is just what 2311 N. Los Robles’ Landing Party needs. It’s a pity Leonard’s cocking it up. After an enjoyable (to Sheldon) three-way date and a similarly unintended (by Leonard) threesome at the movies, Sheldon becomes concerned at Leonard’s failure to secure his mate through insufficient deployment of his Alpha Male status, and steps in to rectify the issue, by arranging a demonstration of his own subservient, Beta Male inability to open a jar of the eponymous white asparagus. Blood, vomit and stitches later, Sheldon is left holding Leonard’s hand in hospital, pondering why women have such a hard time loving him.


by Major Gripe

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