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The Psychic Vortex

Season 3 / Episode 12


Sheldon Cooper, wingman, is a concept as seemingly probable as telepathically-controlled flying dolphin conveyances. But when Leonard and Howard score dates with non-artificial women, and Raj is left disconsolately holding the four hour edition of Watchmen, an amusing hypothetical surprisingly becomes reality.


It's with some difficulty though that the self-described "virile visitor from a foreign land" is able to pry the physicist with an aversion to Outside away from the delights of Linux partitions and Flatland debaucheries and push him into the three-dimensional realm of mixers and lying to women. Ultimately the price of "strutting your stuff" is one limited edition Green Lantern lantern, which Sheldon quite naturally brings with him, logically offering to a mortified Raj that it's necessary in case evil strikes and his power ring needs re-charging.


Enter Abby and her friend Martha, two blink-and-you'll-miss-them female connoisseurs of nerd totems who are actually quite charmed by the "slumdog astrophysicist" and his vigilant Shirley Temple-quaffing sidekick. The foursome then journey to 4A wherein they engage in some spirited, um, Rockband, Sheldon blithely announcing to newly arrived Leonard "We scored."


A second get-together is arranged, the price this time being one pair of Stan Lee-autographed giant-sized Hulk hands, which when worn exude a debonair HULK LISTEN quality to the proceedings. Martha is clearly quite taken with the unselfconscious Cooper. Alas her signals of sexual availability are far too subtle for him, and she's left sitting alone on his bed as he contentedly walks a different path than the puny humans, one lit by his limited edition Green Lantern lantern.



By Check E. Light

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