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The Cushion Saturation

Season 2 / Episode 16



Never come between a man and his love. When the romance between Sheldon and his Cartesian Co-ordinates is threatened, predictably enough by Penny, when she accidentally “takes down” his Spot with a paintball gun, necessitating the cushion’s removal to the dry cleaners, Sheldon enters the terrifying, uncertain world of the spotless mind.


Meanwhile, Winkle has been using Wolowitz for sex, and Leonard reveals he has been storing Szechuan Palace take-away containers in the boot of his car, and using them to re-house Golden Dragon’s cashew chicken, to avoid upsetting Sheldon with the fact that Szechuan Palace closed two years ago. This is either a touching demonstration of Leonard’s concern for his roommate, or the prudent/cowardly act of a man roped into someone else's pathologically change-avoiding world. Either way, it’s enlightening behaviour.


by Major Gripe

Parsons’ various depictions of Sheldon’s obviously deep, almost organic bond with his couch-cushion remain some of TBBT’s most unsettling and beautiful moments.

Shenny moment:

"Boy, I love him, but he is one serious wackadoodle."

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