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Sheldon’s borderline homicide-provoking shopping trip with Penny, the poncho, and Mary Cooper herself. Laurie Metcalf carries off a blend of the endearing, the blunt, and the wildly inappropriate with all the skill of a
Jim Parsons. And that’s high praise indeed.

The Luminous Fish Effect

Season 1 / Episode 4



Sheldon’s first full-blown trip down the rabbit hole, complete with ponchos, looms, and glow-in-the-dark tampons. Sheldon and his plaid suit and upsetting honesty are fired from the university, leaving him initially delighted with his freedom. Now he can pursue his ideas, annoy Penny, and mingle with the “ordinary, colourless, workaday” people to his heart’s content (and to Leonard’s concern). As his scientific work on the properties of scrambled eggs gradually devolves into agoraphobia and frenzied poncho-weaving, Sheldon’s mother is roped in from Texas to ply a blend of threats and peach cobbler to ensure her sonic death-ray inventing Snickerdoodle gets back on his rocker.


Mary Cooper’s flirtation with Dr Gablehauser, rather than Sheldon’s insult/apology to the same, eventually ensures Sheldon’s return to work, and the episode ends with him pondering Dr Gablehauser being his “new daddy”, contentedly bathed in the glow of his luminous fish night-light.


by Major Gripe

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