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The Gothowitz Deviation

Season 3 / Episode 3



Worlds magnificently collide when Howard and Raj saunter into the goth scene, and Sheldon doles out a delicious behavior modification scheme onto an unsuspecting Penny.


Weary of, or perhaps unnerved by, his ever-present neighbor shimmying into his tightly coiled environment - she makes French toast on oatmeal day and chatters insensibly during Oshikuru: Demon Samarai! - Sheldon seizes on chocolaty operant conditioning as the way to "make all our lives better".


Who would believe the timely discharge of boxed incentives could actually ensure the sanctity of his spot? Or dial down the litany of the bizarre, such as Penny's story of her three-nostrilled pal? Despite the promising results though, a disapproving Leonard orders his roommate to immediately desist from dolphinizing Penny. "Bad Leonard!


"Meanwhile, two would-be Lost Boys, armed with drug store eyeliner, tattoo sleeves, and a wikiHow primer on mingling with night dwellers, brave the freaky and treacherous world of cranberry-blooded drinks and errant nipple rings. They meet winsome goth-chicks, Bethany and Sarah, the latter of whom wantonly flaunts her goth apathy cred by appending "not that anyone cares" to every sentence.


Things are going well too until an unfortunate stopover in a tattoo parlor wherein Gothowitz's tremulous exposed rump recoils from the sting of rubbing alcohol. No mean little skulls or hepatitis for Howard, the broody vampire jig is up! Alas, Bethany and Sarah are unimpressed by his flourish of "bold honesty", and he and Raj end the night by concocting barely feasible face-saving stories and setting their optimistic sights on another frontier of unattached femaledom - a country bar, doubtless brimming with sexy cowgirls.


by Check E. Light

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