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Mary Cooper, born-again Christian and steel magnolia; her peculiar odyssey begins at a K-Mart somewhere in East Texas when her willful baby Einstein thrusts himself from her womb. More than just a kind-hearted, loving mom with a platter of fried chicken and a jar of VapoRub, she is Sheldon's kryptonite, and, perhaps most importantly, the tech support on speed dial for when he malfunctions.


Her resiliency is forged within a shaky aluminum household by the tempestuous fires of a wayward husband, two "dumb as soup" children, and her difficult, stubborn, but highly gifted third child. Perhaps as a result of Shelly's sciency stuff constantly being underfoot - a nuclear reactor, a sonic death ray, and a souped up Easy Bake Oven among others - she is rarely fazed by the excesses of his personality.


Outspoken, sharp-witted, and unencumbered by silly notions of political correctness, Mrs. Cooper often exerts a Machiavellian-like influence with an arsenal of religious coercion, reverse psychology, and lard-enriched cookery. For the greatest part however her intentions are good, and her soothing tone and warm, maternal instincts (sorely lacking in the others' moms) are always a welcome presence in Pasadena.



by Check E. Light

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