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The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem

Season 2 / Episode 06



It's paradigm shifting when Sheldon attracts a mi krop-bearing physics groupie. Leonard cajoles his roommate into speaking to a class of graduate students, or "labradoodles," according to Sheldon, who then predictably addresses them with a mixture of scorn and self-congratulation. Sheldon is approached the next day by one of the students, Ramona Nowitzki, who insinuates herself into his good graces with slavish flattery and agile snarking at his nemesis, Leslie Winkle. "Amazing, an intelligent labradoodle," Sheldon exclaims.


Ramona quickly installs herself at apartment 4A, ostensibly to assist Sheldon with his research, much to the amazement of Penny and the guys who speculate about Sheldon's "deal." For his part Sheldon is quite enjoying having his ego massaged along with his tootsies.


Things take a turn though when Ramona denies Sheldon his fun time and institutes a strict regimen that doesn't include Halo, paintball or even Battlestar Galactica. Ramona hobbles Sheldon with his own words about the demands of science, but he desperately seeks a way out and requests Penny grant him sanctuary. When that doesn't work he tries invoking the Skynet clause of his Roommate Agreement with Leonard. Ultimately though Ramona is destroyed by her own hubris when she asks that Sheldon share credit on his Theory of String-Network Condensates. "GET. OUT!!" snarls Sheldon as he dramatically points for her to leave.


Some time afterwards Sheldon is once again approached by a starry-eyed grad student wielding the same potent blend of flattery and free food. Sheldon is blissfully oblivious that it's Ramona redux..


by Check E. Light

A montage of Sheldon trying to escape the watchful eye of Ramona to the tune of "Be My Yoko Ono" by Barenaked Ladies and Leonard's nightmare vision of two Sheldons.

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