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The Bus Pants Utilization

Season 4 / Episode 12



Sheldon strikes a sour note when he proves incapable of being a team player. Leonard has an idea for an app and enthusiastically enlists Howard and Raj's participation and somewhat less enthusiastically accepts Sheldon's offer of help. His misgivings are quickly validated when Sheldon distributes a workflow chart in which he's nominated himself to all the plummy executive positions but has relegated Raj, Howard and Leonard to, respectively, phone support, secretary and founder.


Sheldon's annoyingness crescendos when he suggests Leonard's design to be in need of 27 tweaks, attempts to bestow the app with an eponymous acronym, and, failing that, calls for a vote of no confidence and an end to Leonard's "reign of tyranny." Not surprisingly Sheldon's fired from the team, and, when he continues to sneer at Leonard's leadership, finds himself out of a ride to work as well, thus necessitating he wear bus pants, Sheldon's unique approach to keeping his regular pants safe from other peoples' germs.


Project Lenwoloppali, as it's now been christened, is humming along smoothly in 4A. That is until Sheldon decides it's the perfect time to practice his theremin, generously assuring the guys that he can barely hear them as he conducts a loud electronic whine from the instrument in concert with a series of comical facial grimaces.


Sheldon is literally tossed from the apartment and takes up residence on the stairs, despondently dirging on his theremin, until Penny invites him back to her place for cocoa and sympathy. When Penny runs out of sympathy she cleverly devises a way of restoring Sheldon to the the app team (and out of her hair). Sheldon plays nice for about 20 seconds, but, having learned nothing from his exile, airily dismisses the work that's been done as "wrong." This time he's traded down to Team Penny who employs him to catalog her vast shoe collection for an app idea of her own. "No-body knows the trouble I've seen...".



by Check E. Light


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