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All hail Helberg - Golden Globe nom!!!

Super trilled to hear the wonderful Simon Helberg has been nominated for a Golden Globe, for his part in Florence Foster Jenkins. Only saw the movie recently and he was, in my opinion, a shining light. The movie was quite sad, but Simon was created a gentle adorable character, quite different to Howard in Big Bang, which provided light relief. He really proved his chops. I hope he wins!!

When asked what he was doing when he heard, it the typical quirky style which we have come to love, he told Enews…

”I was in the bathroom and it's sad and it's true and I don't know if it's a good story or it's just embarrassing.”

"I woke up a few minutes before they were announced and I got nervous and went to the bathroom," Helberg said. "And then my phone buzzed and I hit a button on our fancy Japanese smart toilet and water started straying up. I was filled with life and joy and water."

Golden Globes event is on January 8, 2017.

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