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Kunal in "Trolls"

Kunal stars in DreamWorks new animated feature "Trolls," which was inspired by the fuzzy-headed dolls popular in the early 1990s.

It follows Poppy and Branch on their mission to rescue their friends from the Bergens, giants who believe the only way to lift their melancholy is to eat the cute, colorful trolls.

Nayyar plays one of the captives, an endearing little troll called Guy Diamond who refuses to wear clothes and farts glitter as a means of spreading joy.

When he talks about the film's message that "humanity is about positivity and love," he comes across like his character -- disarmingly animated.

"It's a film for both kids and adults and the music is incredible... And the world looks beautiful -- the hair on the trolls, the glitter on Guy Diamond, the quality," he enthuses.

Due for release on Novemebr 4.

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