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Shenny scenes still present

Although the fourth episode of the season, The Cohabitation Experiment, is a Shamy-heavy episode featuring an ‘experiment’ in which Sheldon and Amy share Penny’s apartment, there looks to be a rather cute Shenny scene, if this promo shot is anything to go by.

Might be worth tuning in for, although we warn any hardcore Shenny shippers that it’s strange seeing Amy in Penny’s bedroom with Sheldon. He has of course, slept in Penny’s bed before, mostly notably in The Vegas Renormalization and visited on a number of occasions but the addition of Amy is somewhat jarring to this canon.

The bright, bold coloured decor now seems like something firmly in the Big Bang Theory’s past, when compared to the duller more muted tones of late. The 'Amy palette' has taken over much of Sheldon’s wardrobe these days, with bland pale shirts and 'Sales-Rep' suits being his regular formal attire. Thankfully absent here. But that image of Sheldon and Penny is simply spectacular!

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