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Is Kaley ready to move on?

Last nights interview on Kimmel was the first time Kaley has ever suggested that the show might be ready to end. Or at least that she feels its time for her.

Given the marriage and near engaged state of the main characters there doesn't seem anywhere left to go. Big Bang was never built to be a 'family and kids' style sitcom and it would be hard pressed to make that transition.

Now I'd love the show to continue, if they were willing to swtich the partners over but Big bang would never make such a bold move. So perhaps Kaley is just saying what we already know. Without big changes, how could they sell such an expensive show beyond season 10.

Kaley and Jim have both stated publicly that they don't want to work with children. And Jim Parsons was recently quoted as saying. "I'm slowly putting Sheldon behind me." We don't have a definitive answer on the future of Big Ba

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