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Finally, some recognition for Simon Helberg

It's long been pondered, within the Big Bang Theory fandom at least, why Simon Helberg has never been nominated for an Emmy. The man is such a wonderful comic and many fans rate him as equal too, if not funnier than Jim Parsons. Its always been a mystery to me as to why other cast members get nominations when Simon is overlooked. So I'm thrilled to see him finally getting some recognition in Florence Foster Jenkins.

Hugh Grant's reaction to working with Simon is particualrly funny. He jokes that he was prepared to be intimidated by Meryl Streep, but was surprised to see what a tremendous comic force their co-star Simon Helberg turned out to be. "I became gradually aware that I should have been frightened of HIM," Grant said of Helberg at a New York press conference Tuesday. "I knew you were in the sitcom, but I didn't realize how gigantic it was," Grant addressed the younger actor as he referenced Helberg's hit show The Big Bang Theory. "And that, really, you're probably the richest man I've ever met." "Be nice to me," Helberg teased.

He's all over the news right now, there's lots of great interviews to check out including The New York Times and ABC News where he talks about working with Meryl Streep.

As he returns to Big Bang on a high, it seems the show has taken note, with the inclusion of Dean Norris as Captain Williams in Howard's story arc, we expect more screen time for Helberg is Season 10.


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