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Dean Norris cast as more seasons seem likely.

August 11, 2016


The Big Bang Theory has now become the show everyone wants to guest star on. With Breaking Bad's star, Dean Norris joining the cast in Season 10. He is set to appear in a undisclosed number of episodes as a "tough Air Force representative from the Department of Material Command" called Captain Williams. He wants to look into the potential benefits that Howard's quantum gyroscope may provide to the military.


Guest stars like to associate themselves with a hit show such as Big Bang. It both keeps them relevant and gives them publicly, especially as it so often sets them up for Emmy nods. Another show to bring in a lot of guest stars was Glee, who already had a bloated cast and was accused of having "regulars with no names" by one media outlet. 


This will also do much for the show and should ensure the ratings stay up. Which is especially vital as they hope to keep the show on air beyond Season 10. CBS Entertainment chief Glenn Geller said at the Television Critics Association press tour, "Current three-year contracts for stars Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco, estimated at $1 million per episode, expire next May. But "we're very confident that everyone involved wants more Big Bang Theory past year 10," Geller said, adding it's likely Warner Bros. will make those cast deals."

Norris's addition looks to be an interesting one, as its attached to a story about a project with involves all the guys and will be a welcome relief to their encroaching domesticity.





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