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The Big Bang 200th Theory

The Big Bang Theory tapes its 200 episode this coming Tuesday (February 7th) and we expect something a bit special to mark this important milestone. It's been confirmed that Adam West will be appearing and we will also see the return of Leslie, played by Sara Gilbert which we are most excited about. We hope to get some great banter between her and Sheldon as she was one of the few women, along with Penny, who could render him speechless. Fan speculation is somewhat different, with a storyline being circulated by Shamy shippers (fans of the Sheldon and Amy pairing) of another pregnancy, this time Amy Farrah Fowler. At this stage we predict this is a hoax. My prediction is that this may be a nostalgic episode. Many long-serving shows go down this route and gather their cast together to recall the past. Again pure speculation. It may be a science event or award of some kind because Sheldon's mother, Kripke and Wil Wheaton are all appearing.

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