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Season 11 and beyond?

With Big Bang still high in the ratings, there were questions this week about extending the shows beyond Season 10. CBS entertainment president Glenn Geller has said that whilst the show was doing well, "we are the victims of our own success," he said. What he's really talking about here is money. Big Bang may be flying high but the cost to produce the show will continue to increase as cast and crew salaries growing year on year. That said, there must be plenty of money to be made from this show, because he adds, "We have a lot of shows that have run a long time, and we expect Big Bang Theory to be on for a while."

Of course, CBS being willing is just the first stage. They still need Warner bros and the cast onboard. We have only seen positive comments from the cast so far, so unless Warner pull the plug ,or a major cast member decides they have had enough, its highly likely the show we continue beyond Season 10.

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