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9.08 The Mystery Date Observation

In tonight's episode, Sheldon says that dating Amy was "sweet and flavorful at first but then a flavorless lump of sadness." When you think of their decline in compatibility since s4 until now, I couldn't describe the course of their relationship any better if I tried. But the key to this episode is how Sheldon is defined by others. Over and over, we've been told by Amy for years that Sheldon isn't a normal boyfriend and how this bothers her. His hobbies and his work are adversaries to be reviled and overcome so she can get the coitus she believes she deserves. No wonder she finds it annoying that her date, Dave, is so enthusiastic about Sheldon. To Dave, Sheldon is a giant in his field, thus Amy's value is elevated because she had dated him. Again, I can't argue with that. Without linking Amy with Sheldon there is no point for her being on the show. Raj and Howard don't see Sheldon as a prize, either, when Sheldon says his ideal date is someone who is educated, has her own point of view, is respectful of his devotion to his work, likes to play video games and watch Daredevil. Here's where things get clever. Raj decides that perhaps they should look at Sheldon as an actual prize and together they all devise a series of puzzle challenges to be done by a certain time. The puzzles are a combination of seemingly unrelated things from mathematics and Lord of the Rings to Klingon passages translated into Sanskrit. Looking over their completed dating ad, Howard says that the woman who could solve this would be so socially awkward she'd have nothing better to do on a Saturday night than solve the puzzles. The woman who shows up, however, is an absolute knockout. Tall, blonde haired, mathematically-inclined and a speaker of both Klingon and Sanskrit, this woman is amazing. But what truly elevates her is her recognition that Sheldon Cooper is an incredibly rare find. He is a prize just the way he is. A true unicorn. The response? Sheldon rebuffs her for tardiness and shuts the door. He then says that her finding a physics lecture boring was reason enough for him to not even coitus her with Howard's genitals. On the one hand, this can be seen as a big **** you to people who have been clambering for Sheldon to meet someone who shares his interests and likes him for who he is. But the way this all plays out, his rejection of her is completely made up. It's ridiculous and that's what adds to the humour of the scene. It makes as much sense as Sheldon remaining friends with Leonard after the Arctic fiasco. I.E. It's a heavy-handed deus ex machina at work that makes the ridiculous possible. Instead, we're to believe that Sheldon is attracted to his opposite, which he describes as "short, dull and needy". When you look at Amy and then see this description it's like shooting fish in a barrel. She's about as unrealistic a candidate for Sheldon as you can get. She's not interested in a unicorn, she wants normalcy, and is no longer the person most like Sheldon. And she is far from a prize. The trick is that we're supposed to think this is all funny. The problem is, it isn't.

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