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9.06 The Helium Insufficiency

Tonight took me down memory lane to a time when Sheldon and Leonard were Shelnard – roommates, friends and scientists. They jumped into a problem together, dealt with it together and ended the program together in a delightful way.

Normally, with the bent of humour leaning more towards the nasty, I was expecting the worst but am happy to report that Leonard and Sheldon weren't the butt of the joke. Their interaction with the Helium Broker started off rough but then became something wonderfully out of The Naked Gun (think the discussion about the boxers Frank Drebben knows). I had a genuine girlie-squee when my ears picked up the banter. It was light and it flowed; in fact the entire Sheldon and Leonard plot flowed. Now I'm not a conspiracy theorist but perhaps this is so because the relationship plot was left to the wayside? The writers seemed to have fun – y'know, the reason why I actually watch a sitcom. (And not for a moment am I thinking how wonderful it is that when Sheldon is focused on science the show is actually funny.)

The Amy dating plot was just horrible. Everyone was out of character and were extremely mean to the point where I was angry at them. I mean, what does it say when I actually agreed with Amy that the group was being petty? And why is Amy the moral authority for the group? Oh, that's right, Amy does no wrong now.

Essentially, the B plot humour was invective and cheap. It's hard to believe that both plots were written by the same writers. But then again it goes back to my initial premise that the writers can't write relationship pap to save their lives. And yet they continue to fulfill Molaro's agenda like he has compromising photos of them from that Christmas Party a few years back.

It baffles me that these writers don't seem to be interested in their reputations. The writers who did the Sheldon and Leonard scenes have put together a solid sitcom plot. The ones that wrote the Amy scenes must be the producer's nephews because the caliber of the writing is so sub-par it's embarrassing.

I guess the money must be good but there are a lot of people with money. As can be seen in this instance, not a lot of people will have a positive legacy.

Well Played Penny

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