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9.04 The 2003 Approximation

Airs Monday, October 12, 2015.

*WARNING: Spoilers*

The gist of this episode, as far as we can gather, parsed together from various fan sources;

Sheldon is stressed when Leonard and Penny want to move in together. He wants to return to the days when he wasn't so emotional and dependent. The idea of resetting Sheldon has enormous potential, and would certainly gladden the hearts of Sheldon fans, yearning for a return of his old personality. Unfortunately, it seems that instead of going back to the haughty, self-sufficient, superior alien splendour of Vintage Sheldon, he reverts to the personality-less droid of the Staircase Implementation. Which is not the Sheldon we were looking for.

He even returns the apartment back to how it was before he met Leonard, and interviews new roommates. Also, Howard and Raj want to form a band but Emily doesn't like it, so we’re guessing this doesn't happen. Heartbreaking! This would have been brilliant.

This episode is all about the change of living arrangements now they have married off Leonard and Penny. We are not sure the show will survive turning all the apartments (and thus scenes) into couple-zones. Of course it will stay on the air, but it might not be able to maintain its original spirit. Which was of course about five individuals (not four couples), their passions, friendships, and the clash and meeting of worlds, principally defined by Sheldon and Penny.

Speaking of which…Shenny scenes?

Penny comforts Sheldon but of course Leonard is present. Can’t have the two most popular characters interact without a chaperone! Not anymore, apparently…


Although it sounds like it might have some vintage moments, this episode isn't likely to please early season fans, because it seems to make Sheldon even more pathetic than he appeared last season, with the implication that he is nothing without his friends and ex-girlfriend, removed from which he will collapse into a pile of tics and spasms. He is either a boyfriend or a robot, with nothing in-between, seemingly. That “nothing” being the entirety of Seasons 1-4. More jokes about him being Leonard and Penny's dog.

However, the Wolopalli rock band looks promising. And as always, we have hope!

Idle thoughts;

Is Emily Sweeney a nod to Sweeney Todd?

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