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9.02 Taping - The Separation Oscillation

Airs Monday, September 28, 2015.

*WARNING: Spoilers*

Cold open has Leonard dreaming about Sheldon and Penny sharing a passionate kiss. Yes, you read that right. Another dream sequence of Shenny. Unofficial information from someone at the taping suggests this is a HOT scene.

Leonard speaks to Mandy (the girl he kissed) at the university cafe and she's not interested. So apparently this means all is good between Penny and Leonard now.

Sheldon gives Amy her stuff back, taking a box around. He includes a red bra belonging to Penny to try and make her jealous.

Sheldon bought Lenny tickets to San Francisco as a wedding gift.

No full taping report this time, as the fansite will not be supplying one.


Sheldon and Penny kissing has to worth a look!


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