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Rumor: Amy's new BF?

According to they are going to use the same storyline they used on Leonard and Penny when he dated Priya in Season 4. Penny pined after Leonard while he was involved with Raj's sister. This season it will be Sheldon and Amy's turn.

"Steven Molaro hinted that the next season would have a turn of events. He said that Amy might find a new love in the next season after the breakup. According to the synopsis that reached CBS for "The Big Bang Theory" season 9 episode 1, Sheldon will attempt solving the problem that led to the breakup and established a quick way of reuniting with Amy."

"The showrunner, however, is still convinced that Amy and Sheldon will get back together ultimately in spite of the astounding conflict in season 8 finale. Although there is no surety on what will happen to the couple, fans are assured that Sheldon will work diligently to win Amy back."

Which sounds pretty awful for those of us who don't like the pairing in the first place. But at this stage, this is just a rumor.

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