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Who is Penny?


It's not a difficult question to answer. She is the simplest of formulas. The bombshell, the blonde gorilla, a middle earth Barbie. A girl with no bra and no last name. Just a shimmering vision of loveliness, created to be fixated upon by the intended protagonist. And fixated upon she was, friendly, sweet and accommodating, she welcomes the nerds with a pretty smile and an accessible manner.


We know little about her background except, she was born in Nebraska, failed to get an education and has a brother with a serious drug problem. Sometime in her teens, she followed her dreams to LA, planning on writing a screenplay and becoming an actress. Instead, she wound up working at the Cheesecake Factory and in a four year relationship with a moron, called Kurt.


Penny has always had men in her life and unashamedly admits to many encounters. She has a frankness about her past and an almost naive fearlessness, about how others might react to her stories. "I'm cute I get by," is the moto she lives by, but it may as well be, "take me as I am," because this is how she is and how she expects others to behave.
With an open and earthy approach, she somehow manages to be both the easy-going tomboy and a smouldering goddess, simultaneously.


In the first episode, she is nothing more than eye candy but it's not long before the character breaks the cardinal rule. She is funny. Not just cute and amusing either, Penny can deliver a comeback or a look, that few other female characters of her genre can. Quickly elevating her to one of the strongest comic elements of the show. Bold, feisty and courageous, this is a girl who stands up for herself. She will always fight her corner. Hell, she'll fight your corner, if you need her. Give her a bully and she'll kick him in the nuts for you. Just don't ask her to tidy her apartment or save you some wine.


Penny is the champion. The warrioress. The true heroine of the piece. She will do something for everyone, except herself. Adding an essential touch of humanity to the show, she sparkles in every scene she inhabits. Who needs a last name? She's Queen Penelope.




 by Informal Protest

the Cheesecake

   Scented Goddess

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