With great fanfare the episode opens with a threat by Sheldon that the guys would never hear the end of it if Sheldon couldn't see Star Wars on opening night. When he finds out this coincides with Amy's birthday he has a moral dilemma and Arthur shows up in his dream to advise h...

In this episode we have a metaphorical incident with Sheldon's eidetic memory suddenly failing him. It is another trait from the past that defined him so it, too, must fall under Amy's paradigm (as only she can be powerful enough to stymie his Beautiful Mind). It's really repetit...

Alas, I think I've just been exposed to the episode formula for the next one and a half seasons: boring Shamy, boring Lenny and the other guys, an A, B, and C plot that has everything but original humour.


In reverse order, we have Howard, Bernadette, Raj and Emily help out at a...


In tonight's episode, Sheldon says that dating Amy was "sweet and flavorful at first but then a flavorless lump of sadness." When you think of their decline in compatibility since s4 until now, I couldn't describe the course of their relationship any better if I tried.

But the...


I've had moments in my life when I realized that somewhere along the line I've really messed up. When these epiphanies hit, and they pack a wallop, they are the harbingers of choice as I'm faced with continuing as I was doing or else make a change. This is what Sheldon faces in...

Tonight took me down memory lane to a time when Sheldon and Leonard were Shelnard – roommates, friends and scientists. They jumped into a problem together, dealt with it together and ended the program together in a delightful way.


Normally, with the bent of humour leaning more t...

October 19, 2015


The guys take a fencing lesson from Barry Kripke and this could turn out to be a funny scene. The picture is great. 


The only problem is, all roads lead back to Amy on the show these days, and Kripke is 'supposedly' interested in her. This is bound to spoil the fun of the A plot...

October 12, 2015


Leonard and Penny want to move in together and Sheldon is stressed out. He wants to return to before he met Leonard because he feels he has changed too much.


Howard and Raj want to form a rock band.

October 5, 2015


Girl/Boy plot. No Shenny scenes but we hope the guys bachelor weekend might yeild a few laughs.


The guys kidnap Leonard and take him on a road trip to Mexico because he missed out on a party. 


The girls talk about their new relationship statuses and tell family members by...

September 28, 2015




We waited, we hoped but nothing could prepare us for the actual KISS.


So what if it's a dream. Thank you Big Bang Theory. Thank you so much.


There's also some more of the usual innuendo between Sheldon and Penny, with Sheldon returning a bra he borrowed to try and make Amy je...

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