October 9, 2015


Fans went bananas after the smooch, so we reached out to Steve Molaro, Executive Producer of The Big Bang Theory, who allowed us to pick his brain about this particularly unexpected puckering.


How did the scene come to be, and how long have you wanted it to happen?


Steve Molaro...

October 6, 2015

Airs Thursday, October 26, 2015 as Episode 9.07.



*WARNING: Spoilers*


Leonard and Sheldon need Helium to test their current theory but Kripke, who has it, won't give them any. This forces them to try other sources through Howard, which are not quite so above board.


Everyone else...

October 5, 2015


Girl/Boy plot. No Shenny scenes but we hope the guys bachelor weekend might yeild a few laughs.


The guys kidnap Leonard and take him on a road trip to Mexico because he missed out on a party. 


The girls talk about their new relationship statuses and tell family members by...

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