In this episode we have a metaphorical incident with Sheldon's eidetic memory suddenly failing him. It is another trait from the past that defined him so it, too, must fall under Amy's paradigm (as only she can be powerful enough to stymie his Beautiful Mind). It's really repetit...


In tonight's episode, Sheldon says that dating Amy was "sweet and flavorful at first but then a flavorless lump of sadness." When you think of their decline in compatibility since s4 until now, I couldn't describe the course of their relationship any better if I tried.

But the...


I've had moments in my life when I realized that somewhere along the line I've really messed up. When these epiphanies hit, and they pack a wallop, they are the harbingers of choice as I'm faced with continuing as I was doing or else make a change. This is what Sheldon faces in...

Tonight took me down memory lane to a time when Sheldon and Leonard were Shelnard – roommates, friends and scientists. They jumped into a problem together, dealt with it together and ended the program together in a delightful way.


Normally, with the bent of humour leaning more t...

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