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Sheldon Penny Shenny The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory HQ is a nostalgically-minded fan site largely focusing on seasons 1-3, built around the inspired comedic pairing of Sheldon and Penny, and the meeting of two worlds. All friendships amongst the original five are celebrated, with occasional appreciative nods to the "treasured acquaintances" and the science, geekery, and gadgets which also populate the Bangverse.

As a nostalgic site we will continue to focus on the older seasons with a couple of new pages for August. We also take a look back at a Season One classic, The Pancake Batter Anomaly on our forum HERE. Guests are welcome to vote for this episode. 


Happy hiatus Shenny shippers and early season fans. The show is back with Season 9 on Sept 21st 2015 with the first taping on August 11th 2015.


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