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Sheldon Penny Shenny The Big Bang Theory

Happy Shenny Holidays


The Fan Fiction Collection now includes all non-canon stories posted on fanfiction and Ao3, catagorized into helpful sections so you can find the type of fic you are looking for.


There are 17 catagories including:

Friends to Lovers - Shenny

Platonic - Shenny

Close Encounters - Shenny

Sheldon and Leonard

See the full list of threads over two pages here. Or follow the links from our fan fiction page.


The Big Bang Theory HQ is a nostalgically-minded fan site largely focusing on seasons 1-3, built around the inspired comedic pairing of Sheldon and Penny, and the meeting of two worlds. All friendships amongst the original five are celebrated, with occasional appreciative nods to the "treasured acquaintances" and the science, geekery, and gadgets which also populate the Bangverse.

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